DISCLAIMER: The following content has graphic language. Do not read on if you are easily offended. This work is a work of fiction.

 Chapter Three:

 I arrived at the lunch table with Kenny and Elizabeth; school goes by fast when you don’t think about it. I hung my head as the two kept kissing each other. I looked up and scanned the large cafeteria; thinking Catherine would have gone to school today.
  I looked to my side in time to see Paco and Pedro, Catherine’s two cousins from the other day, walking toward us. When they arrived a grin was printed on Pedro’s face.
 “What do you want?” I glared.
 “Hola gringos,”
 “You ever speak English?” asked Elizabeth.
 “See what? All I see is two spics that better keep on walkin’,” snarled Kenny.
 “Keep talking white boy, we’ll whip your ass again, Latino style,” shot back Paco, the one in red shorts and black T-shirt.
 “By swimmin’ back to whatever country ya really from, get ’bout 50 cousins and jump us in a Hispanic fiesta?” Kenny suggested.
 “You’re a funny white boy. But your boy was funnier yesterday when I knocked his ass out,” bragged Pedro, the shorter one in all red. The guy looked like he’s in a damn jumpsuit.
 Elizabeth had a small grin on her face, “That is such a cute outfit. Does it come with a matching purse?”
 Pedro glared at her with a look of hate. “If you were a man I’d knock your ass out like I did to that puta yesterday,” he pointed to me.
 “Keep talking boy, if Catherine told me not to whip your ass I’d already done it,” I warned.
 “Gringo, Catherine is not here. She’s back home with her new man. And they are making crazy and wild Puerto Rican love!”

 That did it. I stood up and glared down at Pedro, who was almost a full foot shorter than me, my hands forming fists. Paco stood next to him; damn Paco was a big Puerto Rican! Kenny stood next to me, always ready for a fight; we looked at each other and nodded. The spics started to speak in Spanish and shoved both of us. You’d think they’d learn that Kenny hates shoving matches.
 Instead of just punching, Kenny tackled Paco and started to smash Paco with a hammer fist.
  I took a swing at Pedro, but he was too quick, ducked, grabbed my arm and flipped on my back.
I looked up bit dazed and saw that cocky grin on his face. I face flared in anger as I shot my hand out and grabbed him by the neck. He was stunned in shock for a second, which gave me the opportunity to stand up and head-butt him. He stumbled back. When he regained his balance, Kenny was thrown into him by Paco, taking them both down.
 Great teamwork by the twins. I ran and slammed my knee into Paco’s stomach as he doubled over. Kenny shot past me and smashed Paco’s face with a sharp knee. He fell back, on the verge of unconsciousness.
  I looked back at Pedro who punched me right in the jaw again! That is two times in a week that spic got my jaw. With anger roaring behind me, I shot back with a thundering punch into the nose. I could see the blood spew out as he fell right in front of Elizabeth.
 “Oh hell no! I know you did not get blood over my new boots!”
 Screams of agony was Pedro’s only reply. Elizabeth placed her boot over his throat and Pedro began to suck for air harshly. I could see him struggle; his eyes grew wide with fear. I smirked; knowing that Elizabeth would gladly suffocate him.
 “Hold him still,” I ordered, and Elizabeth, for once, listened.
 I lifted my romper stomper, as it hovered over his face, I could read the terror in his eyes, and hear it in his voice as he yelled for help.
 The SRO and other officers rushed in and tackled me down right before I could smash his face. I tried to resist but they applied a tight hold. They were real cops! I glanced over and saw Kenny holding Paco in a rear naked choke not letting go, until it was obvious from his limp body that Paco was unconscious. I laughed as they got me up. I looked back and could see the black officer was the one to handcuff me. I switched out and head-butted him in his monkey nose. The black cop hold his face as I smiled at the carnage of hatred that I stemmed.
 More cops bombarded me to the ground as I felt the sting of their teasers. This was the path I chosen, I had shed blood of Catherine’s family, my single promise I made to her, was now broken. I promised my love I’d never hurt her family and it was broken like Pedro’s nose. The path I have chosen… was The Alliance.