This is my first attempt at writing anything philosophical. In my Philosophy of Religion class we sit and discuss the writings of theologian scholars and it got me to thinking more than just God. One of my favorite arguments is analogical arguments. The strong point, and their weakness, is the strength of the analogy. For example, an analogical argument for the existence of God is when you walk down the beach and find a watch and a rock. The rock is clearly nature and simple, but the watch is unnatural and complex; the watch needed a creator. Much like humans, we are indeed complex compared to the simple creatures of the wild.

 Human relationships are as complex as humans themselves. So I’m going to try and give a simple analogy about how human relationships play.

 Human relationships are like professional wrestling companies. Your friends, or coworkers and classmates, are the curtain jerkers/low carders. You might hang out with them but you don’t really see them more than a typical allotted time. Important friends are main eventers or even champions. Champions could also be close family members, but these are who you are with more times than not. But it’s your significant other that is your main champion. Your ‘world’ champion should be your ‘world’. Love.