Chapter Two:

 A shiver ran down her spine. No one was able to explain it but the store always got colder exacly when the clock clicked at midnight. Even under her heavy sweater and uniform Jen shivered. At midnight on the dot the entire atmosphere turned cold, and then a few second later it quickly warmed back to the normal room temperature. The moment of cold discomfort dispersed and Jen was able to take her sweater off.

 “Hurry up, Sean. I want to go home,” she whispered to herself. The night was still and so was the convenient store. It was a dog day midnight.

 With hope she turned to the glass doors as the bell rang to alert her someone was entering. Instead of her co-worker it was three men; one in a white wife beater and baggy jeans, one fat one in a trench coat and boots and the skinny one was in Trip pants and a camo shirt. She smirked, knowing these three will be fun to watch.

 “Hello boys,” she greeted.

 The larger one, Billy, slumped over the counter smiling at her in only the goofy giant could. “Well, well, well.”

 She could hear Ryan groan, “Not this again. You’ve been rehearsing that tired line since we left my house. Can’t you wait until you get it right?”

 “I got this!”

 Jen chuckled, “What you got, Billy?”

 “Uh…” Figures, throw him off his game by just asking a question.

 Mark walked up, “Billy, aren’t we going to IHOP? Why are we in here?”

 “Hey you’re right, we are going to IHOP,” Billy now recalled. “Hey Jen want to go to IHOP?”

 Jen’s stomach growled, “I’m hungry all of the sudden.”

 “Well, well, well,” Billy started up again. He took a step back away from the counter as if he was going to make a State of the Union address. ”It is I, the lyrical miracle, the sexual intellectual—“

 “What sex?” Ryan laughed.

 “Shut up.” Billy growled, “The sexual intellectual, the quintessential human muff stuffer.”

 “You mean stud muffin?” Mark raised an eyebrow.

 “That’s what I said.”

 “No you didn’t,” Jen said, holding back laughter.

 “Can’t I be both?”

 “Depends on which muff your trying to stuff,” Mark flatly said.

 “I’m buff, I’m tough and I want to stuff your muff,” Billy beamed at Jen.

 “Knew something like this would happen,” Ryan shook his head.

 “You did? Wish you should have told me, I didn’t see this coming,” Mark replied.

 “You better be good,” Jen teased.

 Billy’s eyes widen and his face was left dumbfounded. His friends laughed at Billy’s sudden shyness. A new person was now in the store, wearing a uniform. Sean has sneaked in while the whole thing was happening and shook his head.

 His deep voice boomed, “Quiet funny.”

 “About time,” Jen hissed. “I’ve been waiting to get off.”

 “Shit all you had to do was ask,” Billy snapped out of his stillness.

 “Not that kind of off,” Ryan whispered. “Can we go? I’m getting the munchies like a motherfucker with all these snacks around!”

 “Whoa, there is snacks,” Billy looked around.

 “I could of sworn you graduated high school,” Mark shook his head. “Let’s go.”

 “Wait you’re walking to IHOP?” Sean’s deep voice rang.

 “Yeah, no car, dude.”

 “You don’t know about the escaped clown?”

 “And you don’t know about the muffin man?”

 “Billy shut up,” Jen snapped. “What’s going on?”

 “Beepo the Clown, the child molester and serial killer. He escaped the 49th Street jail like an hour ago.”

 “Ah shit that ain’t far,” Mark groaned.

 “Fuck it I got my switchblade. Let’s go I’m starving and I don’t want to lose my buzz!”