CAUTION: The following content contains graphic language and sexual situations. Reader discretion is advised. 

Chapter Eight
We’re… Taking… Over


      I walked onto the airplane, with beach style shades over my eyes to hide the shock that I witnessed the sleepless night before. Today, for the public of Puerto Rico’s pleasure, I was dressed in a solid gray business suit. Alexander and Tom, who were in finely tailor made black wool suits, walked behind me. Jamie was right, I was stuck in a scratchy monkey suit, and Tom was comfortable like a pig in mud. I sat in my seat at the window. Luckily because of the laws that the late President Jerry White made, it was pretty much just me, Vincent who sat beside me, Tom and newly elected President Alexander Hamill who sat in the back together as if they had something important to talk about. Well, there were a few presidential translators, but I didn’t know any of their names. Not one of us four cared to learn Spanish for this trip!

 “Boss, why so down? Is it ’cause we goin’ to spic land, right?” asked Vincent in his thick New England accent. Strong like an ox and has the same amount of social skills.
 I decided to be polite and nod, “I miss America.”
 “Ya hear ’bout that Jamie guy? A nigger killed him in his own trailer. That’s why I hate niggers, always goin’ for the good guys like us,”
 I blinked. He couldn’t be serious.
 “A nigger once made me the wrong kind of pie. I broke his neck for putting bananas in my pizza pie. You wanna grab a pie when we land, boss?”
 I looked at him dumbfounded. I’m supposed to spend the entire flight with this? I remained calm and answered him, “We’re still on the ground, why don’t you run and get it?”
 Vincent half rose but stopped; a goofy smile came to his face, “That’s a good one boss. I bet the spics don’t have good pie. It might even smell bad there.”
  “Then you’d feel right at home,” I muttered.
  “I’m glad we’re white. But the niggers got it made, boss,” Vincent started to ramble on.
  I turned my head to the window and start slamming my own head against the thick window.
  “Boss, ya gonna knock ya self out.”
 “That’s the point,” I snapped back.
 Vincent shook his head, “No boss, that’s a window. A point is at the end of a finger.”
  I looked up to the ceiling, “Vincent, think you can’t talk for the rest of the trip?”
  “It hasn’t started yet boss,”
  “So I’ve noticed,” I closed my eyes. Jamie should have been on my mind. His words should be ringing through my head like the bullet that shot through his innocent skull. Not this time, no. As I felt the plane move to the runway, Catherine was the invader of my mind. I felt a grin come to my lips as I dozed off. I could still see her like Jamie could still see Dawn. I found tranquilty in the thought…

 It was extinguished when I felt the large hands of Vincent shaking me like a magical 8-ball.
  “Wake up boss! We’re here! We’re here!”
  We’re in Puerto Rico already? That was quick. I shook my head and took my shades off, the afternon sun blazing in the window.
 “Maybe you should say Aloha to them, boss,”
  I looked up at him, “That’s when you’re in Hawaii, Vincent. This is Puerto Rico,”
  “I’m hungry boss. How long will this be?”
  I grunted and walked out of the plane. I scanned the area that was half protesters and half eager press that wanted to meet me, Tom and the new president Alexander Hamill.
 “Mr. President! Mr. President!” was the main thing I heard. 
 “Why are you here?” asked a reporter.
 “Are you aware this is an Unconstitutional govermental takeover?”
 “Will we have to exchnage our currency?”
 “Mr. President!”
 It almost threw me off balance, but Alexander soaked up the attention like a political sponge. Tom rose his hands, “All questions will be answered by Shane Magnar, our most trusted adviser and Deputy Press Secretery.”
 I let the press swarm me as Tom took Alexander to a limo, leaving me with the press, protesters and worst of all, Vincent.
 “Why are you here?” repeated a reporter.
 “We are here to bring Puerto Rico into American culture with help of the Puerto Rican people. By establishing an American government into this historically and agriculturally rich land. We hope to crack down on crime, gangs and drugs to help create a safer world for all our children and share our rich resources. So in short, consider this the annexation of Puerto Rico into the United States of America, thank you.”

 We quickly left when the protesters started to throw tomatoes at us. Tom and Alexander has already taken the limo and was gone; we had to call a cab. Luckily for us, we had a translator who had pesos.
  “You know boss, this place doesn’t look too great,” Vincent said with his face pressed against the window of the cab.
  “Look where we are, Vincent…” I rolled my eyes.
 “Good point, sure as hell ain’t home, Do they speak English?”
 “I don’t know, I’ve never been here,” I hissed.
 He points his large hand to the cab driver, “He speak English, Boss?”
 I grunted, “Seeing as how we needed a translator…” I left the thought unfinished.
 Vincent points to a random guy on the street, “Does he speak English?”
 “Go ask him,”
  As we drove the smell of the sewer system’s sprinklers filled the street, “It smells bad, Boss,”
 “Then you should feel at home,” I muttered again.

 We arrived to the hotel we were staying at and it was beautiful! I was half amazed that beauty could come from this place. We walked into the cool breeze of air conditioning, with extraordinary beauty inside that rivals the finest hotels in America. Vincent pulled at his leather jacket, trying to make himself look tougher. He was the only one of us in denim jeans, a leather jacket and a white shirt. He was a nearly 7-foot, New English greaser.
  “Where’s the check-in counter?” I asked out loud, looking in every direction.
 “Do they speak English at the counter?”
 I felt my shoulder involuntary tick, “Shut up!”
 “Shane!” I heard a sweet voice call. I spun around to the direction of the voice. No, it couldn’t be, yet it was.
  The caramel complexion, the straight raven black hair, and the slender yet curvy body. Vincent stepped in front of me, hand on his handgun that made her radiant face go pale in fear. My thoughts were realized when I heard her speak again.
 “Unsere Ehre Heisst Treue,”
  Vincent tilted his head. She repeated the password to make Vincent step aside. It was her! My body could only do one thing. Nothing. Years have gone by and there she was. There was Catherine.
 “So, what are you doing in my hotel?”
 I shook my head after I heard her speak.
 Vincent was eyeing us suspiciously but it didn’t matter, not to me. I was staring into the beautiful, light pools that was her eyes. My eyes scan her up and down, her body as perfect as I remembered. Finally, Vincent spoke up.
 “She speaks English, Boss,”
 Catherine turned to him, “I also manage this hotel. Impressed?”
 Vincent leaned to his side to gaze at me, he had a starry gaze in his eyes, “Boss, how is this her hotel? Didn’t we already take over Puerto Rico?”
 I hung my head, “Vincent, just go away,”
“But boss, spics don’t own businesses… Hotels are businesses, right?”
 Catherine ignored the comment and looked at me with a smile, “I’m the manager at this hotel. My uncle is the owner. He said we had some important clients coming, I just didn’t know how important.”
 Catherine spoke quickly, “Shall I show you to your room?”
 I nodded and extended my hand to Catherine, who took it without hesitation.

  The years just melted away and I was 17 again, walking up those hotel floors was like walking down the halls of high school with her, but without Kenny and Elizabeth reminding me of my unforgivable choice. She squeezed my hand and I squeezed back. We arrived to the room and she walked me in. I accidentally shut the door behind me in Vincent’s face.
 The room was fairly decent. I had a balcony view of the white sand beach, a mini bar, and a king-sized bed with white silhouettes that draped over. Then I finally settled my eyes on Catherine, in her gray basketball shorts and a camo beater, resting on the leather love seat looking up at me. I rubbed my eyes and saw she was really in a white miniskirt with a white blouse with black over jacket. To me the room looked more like a romantic getaway than a hostile takeover.
  “You been in spic land all this time?” I asked.
  Her jaw dropped, “Several years we haven’t seen each other and that’s how you say hello to me?”
  I hung my head “I’m sorry,”
  She smiled. “You’re so cute when you blush,”
  “I don’t blush… and you’re cuter when you blush,” I couldn’t help but smile.
  “Sit down Shane,” she insisted, “We haven’t seen each other in so long,” she sounded so sweet; I obeyed. Just like a siren, she turned vicious when I was sat near, “And you can enlighten me on why you killed my cousins.”
 I tried to play it off, “How are you sure it was me? The cops didn’t have any suspects,”
  “Shane Ingram Magnar,” her eyes flared.
 I smiled, I couldn’t help it. I was falling for her again.  “You knew about that?” that was dumb of me to ask.
 “Duh,” was her simple response. Great, it was just like high school! “Why did you do it, Shane? You promised your love for me you wouldn’t harm them,”
 I hung my head. There was no way of talking my way out of this, “I didn’t kill both your cousins. Mary curbed stomped Paco, and then we just tied a cinder block to Pedro’s neck so it would break,”
 Her beautiful face scrunched up in pure disgust, “Shane! That is just horrible,” well it was, but at least she didn’t know about me taking his eyes out. “And what the hell is with him missing his eyes? He looked like he was sacrificed to some Pagan god,” I don’t think I’ll ever get anything past her. 
 “Another thing, what the hell is up with my passport not eligible for coming back to America? I was supposed to return when we were still teenagers,”
 “Yeah, I heard about that. The government is now filled with The Organization; they started the takeover when we were still in high school. That act was passed before I knew about it. I waited for you, I really did,” I looked up at the ceiling, and with my imagination I was looking at the word love on the ceiling. I knew what I had to do. I had to tell her everything. Tell her about how the Organization 28 truly works, how the Aryan-Viking Alliance is just a front, how Paco and Pedro confronted me and of course Mary.

 I turned to her to explain, but her exotic beauty overtook me and I kissed her. I expected her to fight it and she did at first, but a few seconds later she gave in, her hand on the back of my neck. I leaned closer to her and placed my hand on her supple stomach. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth, rubbing against hers in an erotic dance display of forbidden desire. I bit her lip softly and she dug her nails into my arms. I took my shirt off with hers. I started to kiss down to her neck, taking in her scent once more, her nails dug at my back as she began to moan softly. My kisses continued to her chest, my hands rubbing her tan body.  Her nails dug into my flesh until my flesh broke.
 Searing pleasure erupted into my body; my hands were holding her hips as I heard her moan louder. I bit her fleshy breast harder until her soft moans became loud moans that were near screams. I returned to her mouth to kiss her and she scratched her nails on my broken flesh downward. I smiled as my body shivered from her attempting to rip my flesh off my back.
 My lips traveled down her body, kissed her stomach, as my hands pulled down her basketball shorts, her thighs spread apart. Once more I was hurled back when I was 17, as my tongue penetrated her opening, the same sweet taste tickled at my taste buds. Seductive coconut was her flavor. I lunged my tongue as deep as it could go, opening my mouth wider as my teeth grazed her clit. Her body rocked in rhythm, her moans growing louder.
 Moments later she was on top of me, riding me. She bucked her hips in a rhythm motion that only she could do. Her nails ripping into my chest, as my hands were probing her breasts, massaging and pulling at the nipples. Her moans were loud as the pounding waves on the beach. With each loud moan she exclaimed her love for me. I responded for my love to her in the same motion. I slapped her ass as she went faster, I could feel our bodies about to erupt together, in a mutual Nirvana of sexual release and ecstasy.