WARNING: The following is a work of fiction. Contains graphic language and violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter Nine:
The Color of Treason

   I awoke to a heavy banging on the hotel door. I stretched, with some soreness on my back and neck. Falling asleep on a love seat was very uncomfortable, I must remember that. I looked down at my naked body that was half covered by Catherine. So peaceful and beautiful she laid. I didn’t want to disturb this sleeping angel. However, the peace broke when her eyes were forced open by the pounding of the door. She got off me to allow me to stumble off the love seat. The banging continued as I made it over to the door, naked as the day I was born. I shook my head, wishing I knew what time it was.

 I reluctantly unlocked the door and opened it ajar, the door swung wide open. With a sudden breeze, Vincent was leading in Tom. I quickly regained my composure and slamed the door right before Alexander emerged into the room. Catherine was shielding herself with one of the white sheets, while I had nothing to cover me. Vincent and Tom caught Catherine with wide eyes. They both looked back to me. Tom glared in disgust; Vincent half smiling in perverse hopes.
 “What the hell is going on here, Shane?” ordered Tom. His cold eyes landed back on Catherine.  “Wait a minute. Is that a spic?” 
 “Technically, a halfbreed,” reorted Catherine.
  “And you’re both naked,” thought Tom out loud.
 “Yeah, we kind of see that, boss,” grunted Vincent.
 “Why you looking, Vincent? It’s rude to stare,” I teased as I placed my hands on my hips.
 “You better not of cheated on my niece with that thing! Mary is carrying your love child!” yelled Tom, damn he looked pissed.
“It ain’t really a love child because I…” I trailed off.
 “You what?” Tom’s focus is directed all on me now.
  I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, “I’m in love with Catherine!”
  Tom and Vincent looked at me with a confused look, and in unison asked “Who’s Catherine?” 
  I sighed and pointed to her, “The halfbreed,”
  Tom went from mad to livid. “You traitor! You fucking traitor!”
 He charged at me and tackled me down and started to strike me with impressive punches. I was amazed that he could still rumble at his old age. He snapped me back into reality as his wrinkled hands wrapped around my neck and squeezed.
 I gave him a desperate left hook that made him stumble back. I jumped back up and kicked his chest, making him fly back to the bed, ripping off the silhouettes. Vincent attempted to come at me, but I just turned to him. I knew how homophobic he was. I grinned as the big man cringed at the sight of another man.
 “Tom, why not you tell Vincent how you killed a black man for no reason and blamed it on Jamie. And how Jamie killed himself.”
 Vincent was just standing there, confused. Tom shook his head, his face flushed with anger.
 “You feed Vincent lies. Jamie was nothing but a traitor like you,” Tom hissed. “Kill him Vincent!”
 The moment I heard the order I acted quicker than Vincent. I ripped the gun from his holster and rang three shots at Tom. Tom fell to his death almost instantly. My eyes widen as what did. As I fired the fatal shots, Catherine screamed; Vincent applauded.
  “Nice shot boss, real nice shot!”
  I looked over at him, “Shouldn’t you be mad?”
  “But… you killed him, boss. That makes it… but Tom was white,” he was really confused now. He held his head. “Me confused, boss!”
 I patted his shoulder. “Go get yourself a pie. They speak English here.”
 Vincent nodded and walked over to Tom, took one look at his lifeless face, went white and fell over.
 “The big ox fainted!” I exclaimed in disbelief. I ran over to Catherine and held her close, whispering how much I loved her.
 “Will everything be okay now?” she asked, with innocent tears flooding her eyes.
 “Everything is fine now. I will leave The Alliance; we’re going to be safe, my love.”

  The door busted down and I looked behind me. It was Alexander, all alone for once. He barged in and then stopped in mid-stride. His eyes scanned the carnage. His focused went from my busted lip, to the corpse of Tom and the unconscious Vincent. Alexander looked back at me as I held Catherine close behind me.
 He finally spoke with fear etched in his voice. “By the gods of the North. You- you killed Tom!”
 “Yes, I know.” I said flatly.
  “Shane. It’s one thing when you kill a nigger; it’s a completely different thing when you kill your own kind,” his eyes were nearly bulged out and his mouth as wide as a bass, “You will pay for this when we get back to America!”
 I raised the gun, “I ain’t going back, you bastard.”
 Alexander raised his hands up out of fear, and slowly dropped to his knees to beg for his life, “Shane, brother. It’s me, Alex. You know me, your old high school buddy. We trained at The Grind together, man. I’m not some nigger. We are both third generation Nationalists,” he pleaded, “Please, don’t kill me. I can give you a pardon. I am the president of the United States, Shane. You are no triator, are you?”
 Against my better judgment, I lowered the gun.
  Alexander gave a sigh of relief, rising back up. He wiped his suit with a politican smile. “I knew you didn’t have it in you, you coward.”
 “Famous last words,” I snarled as the gun rose back up. I could see his eyes widen. I fired one clear shot into his chest. He fell almost as fast as Tom. I threw the gun to the bed and took Catherine by the hand and simply ran.

     Running through the streets of another country naked would feel exciting to some and would look out of place. For some odd reason, as me and Catherine ran, it felt as if we were thugs in New York City. This gave me a lot of relief, seeing as how I just killed two men. Catherine was leading the way for she knew this place way better than me. She threw me into the side of a white jeep. I didn’t catch myself in time but was still able to jump in as Catherine jumped in the drivers’ side. I wrap the sheet around me as she found the keys, ignited the engine and sped off. This is too surreal!
 The scenery was beautiful, really. The summer heat was hot as all hell but it’s still beautiful. Sadly with my adrenaline pumping and me looking back to make sure there wasn’t any cops, security or anything following us, I couldn’t describe it. I sat back into the comfortable seat, with some sting of heat on my naked back. I looked at Catherine, she looked comfortable and if the heat was getting to her, she didn’t show it.
  “Where are we going?” I finally asked, “I know we’re not going to any place fancy.”
  “Yeah, you were always were a cheap date,” she teased. I could see her smile. “But we are on the way to see my family. They have clothes that will fit you. You’re a wanted man now, Shane.”
 “Tell me something I don’t know.”
 “So what’s with that old guy saying you have a kid?”
 I hesitated, “Oh, Mary? I suppose she’s pregnant with my child. I’m sure it’s hard for a girl to forgive the guy who shot down her uncle.”
 “Hey, I did and you did more than just shoot down my cousins.”
  “Testy, testy,” I told her what’s been on my mind for years, “I love you, Catherine,”
 She looked at me, her beautiful eyes held no judgment, “I love you too Shane,” her eyes went back to the road as she reached and held my hand, “I always have.”
  “I missed you, Catherine,” I admitted too.
  “I missed you too. Even if you did break your only promise to me.”
 I laughed, “Hey, I broke other promises. We both promised to wait until we were married before we had sex.”
 She just grinned, “Yeah, and you promised once that you wouldn’t hurt yourself our sophomore year and you decided to make fireworks go off in school.”
 I laughed again, “I didn’t know Principle Taylor was that built, who knew running into him would hurl my ass the other way.”
 “And so many others. A lot has to do with Kenny. Maybe there is a connection?” 
  I didn’t say anything. She could be right though.
 “I wanted to go back to America and finish high school with you, but those damn laws you help create was impossible to get around. I’m glad you shot Tom dead.”
 “I didn’t help do those laws. My laws just enforcedn nationalize the educational system, universal health care, stronger border laws and make ghettos into jails.”
 “You are brilliant. I just wish your brilliance didn’t supply your kind of life.”
 “A cursed gift.”