DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction

Chapter Ten
Meeting The Family


     We arrived at Catherine’s aunt and uncle’s home in the countryside awhile later. The adrenaline faded and thanks to her evasive driving, noone followed us. Catherine got out first, as naked as the day she was born. Her aunt was outside, putting clothes up on a clothesline. She just walked right up to her aunt started talking to her in Spanish like nothing was strange. Catherine looked so beautiful, and for the first time I realized she did have a nice Spanish ass. A very good one, too. Tan, round and ample.
  I wrapped the sheet around me and got out of the jeep and scanned the area. It was pretty beautiful, much like the ranches back in America. In fact, I watched two horses roamed free down the dirt road, galloping after each other.
  I breathed in the clean air, unlike the polluted streets of urban Florida. The sun, which should feel blazing, was refreshing with the strong breeze, making my shoulder length hair fly free. A group of workers stared at me. I ignored them though. The breeze did wonders against my sweaty and firm body. The bright sun gave a shimmer to my newer tattoos. Before his suicide, Jamie gave me a black hooded grim reaper with his scythe over the shoulder on my left forearm; afterwards a colorless iron eagle rising on my opposite shoulder of my elaborate Odin tattoo.
 I turned back to see Catherine, and her aunt walking up to me. Her aunt was older, of course, but still had black hair which was pinned up in a bun. She was very short and a bit plump, but she seem to have warm features, not dissimular like a mother. Her aunt was dressed in a white blouse and long black skirt. Catherine, on the other hand, was dressed in a yellow bikini with purple flowers.
 Wow, she changed fast. “Shane, this is my Aunt Carla. Her and my uncle own the hotel and live on this plantation. They distill rum on the side.”
 They owned their own plantation that distilled rum? Sounded like my cousins that live in the hills of Tennessee. Maybe we aren’t so different after all.
 “Hello, Carla,” I introduced myself.
 “So you’re the famous Shane Magnar?” she shook my hand firmly, “My sons told me so much about you. They said you kept good care of Catherine.”
 Luckily her family spoke English, so I didn’t have to learn Spanish. I nodded, surprised that Pedro and Paco said anything good about me. To think I went and killed them.
 “Hector! Hector! Bring some clothes!” Carla called. She looked back at me, “Hector is my husband. We’ve both been wishing to meet you since you were both in high school.”

 A large man came from the house. His shirt bulged with muscle and was quite tall; he had a thick mustache and neatly kept black hair.
  Thankfully, he had a smile on his face with a pair of clothes in his arms. “So this is the gringo that stole my niece’s virginity,” he extended his hand, “I’m Hector Ortiz and here are your clothes.”
 “Shane,” I took the clothes, “Anywhere I can change?”
  “Si. But first, we gotta ask. Can you take us to America?” asked Carla.
  I blinked. “You want to go to America? Why? You’ll get killed on sight!”
  “So will you, you shot their president!” she fired back.
  “Good point,”

  “Will you be able to get us in?” Carla asked with pleading eyes.

 Catherine and Carla shared the same eyes. Damn.
 I thought about it. “Does the postal service go to America?”
 “Where have you been, Puerto Rico is now the 51st state of America! You made it official when you arrived,” she informed me. ”Why do you ask?”
 “Kenny,” I simply said.
 Catherine shook her head, “He’ll turn us in!”
 “No he won’t. Kenny is like a brother to me. He’ll try to find a way to bring us back in,” I looked at their beaming faces, I couldn’t tell them how every letter from outside the U.S. mainland was scanned. But I knew a way around it.

   The following morning I awoke to Catherine in my arms. It’s been the most peaceful sleep I had in a long time. We were in her regal colored bedroom, on her queen sized bed, which I had to curl up to stay in. I forgot she was a bed hog. She didn’t stir as I let her go and rose to my feet. 
  The room was filled with a fresh smell of the open countryside; soft ocean colors stripped the carpet under my feet. I looked slightly and could see a wide, white framed mirror on her dresser. I looked almost ridiculous in Hectors old clothes, but I’m still grateful for them.

  My eyes shifted to the rainy blue that covered her walls, so basic yet beautiful. I looked once more at Catherine, the one I chose and even killed for. Her slender yet curvy figure breathed up and down slowly, still dreaming.
 I walked out of the room into the twilight hallway and finally to the sunny living room, where the ocean carpet took a much lighter tint. A white love seat and a white couch invaded the area, with a plasma TV hung against the wall. Carla had her hand over her mouth as the news kept speaking in their native tongue. Suddenly, I heard my name spoken by the anchorman. What now?

 “Shane, you should listen to this,” warned Carla.
 I shook my head, “I don’t know Spanish,”
 “I’ll translate,” she insisted.
 “Must be important,” I muttered.
 I sat down as she translated that I’m now a wanted man in America, but a hero in Puerto Rico. Turned out, Alexander survived the gunshot! Such strange irony, shooting Alexander was an act of bravery and killing Tom was an act of friendship to the Puerto Rican people. I thought it was all weird. My eyes drifted back to Carla.
 “A $20 Million reward for you, only if you are dead. Amigo, watch your back,” yelped Hector, who was on a recliner in front of the TV. I didn’t see him when I first came in.

 I started to chuckle, “Yup, he truly is a bastard.”
 Carla looked confused, “I thought it was a joke. I heard his real name is The Bastard,”
 I nodded, “Back in our senior year of high school we had a bet; playing chicken. You know where two cars race towards each other.”
 “Of course I know what chicken is. We Puerto Ricans invented chicken,” Carla bragged.
 “He thought because his rich father got him a Lamborghini Diablo, he thought he was the bad ass of the school. He knew me and my friends took pride in my fathers’ 1970 GTO and worked on it to have a really powerful engine. Well, he decided to key it and so long story short, after I beat him half to death, we raced. I won, as he swerved right into a ditch and wrecked his pretty boy car up badly. The loser had to change his last name so he had to legally change his last name to The Bastard. It fit him quite well. I guess he’s held a grudge since then. But most of the American people only know his ‘maiden’ name, Hamill,”

 “You men and your cars,” Carla huffed.
  “We got nothing else to do, really. Bets are a fun thing to do to kill time.”  
 “Pretty cars with loud engines won’t save you here. You’re lucky we learned English when we were young here. Else, how you’d say, you be fucked,” Carla smiled.
 “I’ll drink to that,” I looked around with a hopeful grin, “So, where is all the rum?”
  “Oh, because we make the rum means we keep it?” she eyed me. I looked the other way, as if to see if Catherine is up.
 In the corner of my eye I saw her smile return, “Lower second cabinet next to the fridge,”
  I grinned, walked over and open the cabinet. Sure enough, it was stocked full of rum. I decided not to take one, though it would have been a good treat. I rose to my feet once more and saw the beautiful Catherine in her light green nightgown walk into the room. “You send the letter yet?” She looked like a sleepwalking angel.
 “I gave it to your uncle,”
 “I sent it this morning,” Hector called from his chair.
  “You hear I’m considered a hero here?”
 Catherine nodded, “Sounds about right. We hate your big government mentality. That’s why I didn’t like you being racist, so I could bring you here on good terms. Either way your here.”
 “Shane. Come with me,” said Hector as the bulky Hispanic man rose from his chair.
 I followed him to the outside without protest. He walked slowly, as I took in the scene once more, feeling a strong breeze on my refreshed skin.

 There were two paths out there; a cement road that lead to the city, and a beaten path that led to the cliffs of the ocean. The beaten path was what Hector chose, of course. When he knew we were secluded he handed me a small black box. I turned to him with curiosity as Hector also gave me a small silver pocket watch. “It is customary for the man who wishes to marry gives the man of the family a watch.”
  I handed the watch back. “You sure you’re okay with this?”
 “Shane, if I wasn’t okay, I’d kill you in America when you took Catherine’s virginity”.
  How does he know about these things? I just nodded. “How did you know I wanted to marry Catherine?”

 Hector looked up at the sky, “We’re a very spiritual bunch, Shane. You and Catherine’s love were written in the stars,”
 We walked back to the ranch house. Catherine was already changed, which was, again, quick for a woman. She was in tight blue jeans and a green blouse. I walked over, and suddenly I felt more eyes on me than ever before. I bent to my knee in front of Catherine, as she gasped I popped open the black box.

 Inside was an emerald green sapphire with white gold band. “Catherine Hosanna Ortiz Lilly, I love you more than words can say. The day we met you were the most beautiful woman I ever saw. After our first kiss I knew you were the one for me. Will you marry me?”