Chapter Tweleve
And We Wait…

 I crept slowly; with each step the floorboards gave a moaning creak. The only other noise in the cabin was my spaced breathing. I looked out at the heavily draped covered window; the rays of the sun battled the blanket of night. This small log cabin in the middle of the woods was Kenny’s idea of a getaway? Laying on the bed was Catherine and next to her was our eager to explore young daughter.
  Maria is so adventurous, she wanted out so badly. Much to her dismay we can’t let her wander too far out for too long. Terrible twos and she ain’t even two years old yet!
   It’s been a year since we been back in America, but hardly any progress. I sat down at the foot of the bed; I grabbed my hair in silent frustration. The urge to kill ran through me again. I may not be an Aryan anymore, but I was still a barbarian.
 Killing is Dvery simular to tattoos, once when it enters your blood, when the adrenaline pumps it into your organs and you can taste it, feel it, inhale it, you’ll want more. More ink, more blood.
  I turned to look behind me and watched as Catherine soundly slept, and I thought of Mary asleep like that. Just as Catherine was holding Maria, I thought of Mary holding our child, the child I’ve never met. I stroked Catherine’s back; her raven black hair pulled back and looked like it was still wet. She had a bath with Maria earlier. 
 I hung my head in my hands and thought of the year that has gone by so fast.

   The ship rocked with each crashing wave. It remained upright as it kept going, that’s all I cared about. We were on an iron rum boat, sailing into Miami for deliveries of both rum and criminals. I held Catherine close as she held Maria close to her, who was only a few months old at the time. I turned to either side of me, we were surrounded by blacks. Kenny threw me on a banana boat! I could see the handguns tucked in their shirts,  I could see the blue bandannas over their heads. I growled lowly, I had an uneasy feeling.
 “You Kenny’s bro?” asked the one leaning on the wall. I almost didn’t see him he was so dark. He had a blue bandana on his head and a white wife beater and dark, baggy jeans. His voice had a deep bass to it.
 “Si… I mean yes, yes I am,” how did Spanish get in me?
 He laughed as he walked closer to me, “You been tapping the senoritas too long, homie. You’re coming back to America, where you can get shot for that.”
 “So I heard.”
 “The names’ Jamal. I will be your tour guide for this evening,” he flashed a playful smile, I chuckled.
 Okay, maybe he does have a sense of humor. Plus it was one of me, and a boatload of them. I better be nice.
 “Shane,” I introduced myself, “This is my wife Catherine and our daughter, Maria”
  “Oh yeah, Kenny told us about you trying to kill that crazy cracker president. Mad props.”
  I grinned, “Just doing my civilian duty.”
 Catherine rolled her neck and opened her eyes, looking into mine. I gave her a small kiss, “Good morning,” I whispered.
 She just smiled, “Morning baby.”
 “You remind me of that Skid Row song.”
 “The party’s over, so get the fuck out?” she asked, looking at me weird.
I snickered, “No, no. The love song.”
 “Can’t stand the heartache?” she snickered back.
 “Baby. You know I can stand it. But the love ballad. Remember, I’ll live for your smile, and die for your kiss.”
 She cuddled closer to me, “Well I do, baby,” She kissed me again.
 I could hear fake chokes of tears, and Jamal was hiding a huge smile behind his hand, “This is so beautiful I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.”
  “So how exactly do you know Kenny?” I asked.
 “Business,” he simply said.
 “Fair Enough.”
 “How about you?”
 “We go way back to junior high.”
 Jamal just nodded and looked over his shoulder.
 “Are we ever going to arrive?”
 “Maybe, maybe not. Depends if the Coast Guard catches us.”
  I perked up, “Excuse me?”

  “America isn’t trading outside the country anymore. So Puerto Rican rum is illegal.”
 My jaw dropped, “Well that’s great news,”
 Jamal laughed again, “I’m kidding man! America owns Puerto Rico. You should of seen your face.”
  “Very funny.”
 “Sometimes you got to be your own entertainment.”

   We arrived into Miami an hour later. Damn, those boats go faster than I thought. Kenny was at the port to meet us. Strangely, he had a baby blue bandanna over his head, but with camo pants and a black wife beater on, still held simple tastes. He flicked his cigarette when we got near. Maria started to cry.
 “Kenny, can you take her for a second?” asked Catherine.
 Catherine gave her to him anyway. Maria instantly stopped crying and held onto him, like she’s hugging him. Catherine and I smiled. It was cute to her to warm up to him so fast. A look of confusion washed over his face.
 “Here’s a question. Why do all babies like me?”
 “Because you’re so good at it.”
 Kenny shrugged and nodded. Behind him I could see a little girl holding a child, very close to the edge. Kenny didn’t even turn his head, “Faith-Rose! Give Randy back to your mother.”
 “Damn it,” I heard her mutter, “Mom, dad did it again!”
 “Aw, those are your kids?” asked Catherine with a smile.
 “Nope, they are my birds.”
 Elizabeth came up with their new son in her arms, and Faith-Rose behind her. She didn’t change at all, except for her body, which motherhood wrecked. “You’re back. Bless your heart,” smiled Elizabeth, with a Southern venomous accent.
 “Bless yours too, you look lovely. Are you still shaving or did you find out that waxing works?”
 Elizabeth was smiling, this time for real. “Thank god! I thought Spic land ruined you,” and she gave me a hug. My insides went cold.
  Catherine kicked a few crabs away from her, “I hate these crabs!” she exclaimed. All the workers that were wearing blue stopped and looked at her, glaring.
 Luckily, Kenny turned to them, “Not y’all. There are actual crabs here.”
 They all nodded and continued unloading the rum. 
  “What’s the plan?” I asked when Elizabeth took Maria, to show Randy for the first time.
  “There is an old cabin in the backwoods near my family estate. You’ll stay there until I come back.”
 “So we have to wait for you?” Catherine asked.
 Kenny nodded, “I’ll keep ya updated through letters though. This shit is going to be big. His birthday just pass, so I say wait until the next big celebration. Keep your weapons sharpen, Shane. Because when we go to Washington, we go to kill.”
 “Oh golly, I was hoping we could have tea and crumpets with some ol’ chaps.”
Kenny blinked.
 “You lost your humor. Seriously. Never do that again,”

  So there we were. Waiting for Kenny to come so we can go on a two man killing spree. I wonder who else will be there, waiting to see their fate.
 Slowly, I walked outside and was met by a soft but swift breeze. It was a beautiful landscape; at least I’m not in the hills, in fear of wild rams or packs of wolves. This is still a difficult lifestyle. To not be seen or heard, yet as well to live and hone my craft to kill. I knew I was a wanted man, even to myself. I never thought I’d be the one to kill Tom; it’s like seeing my father die in front of me all over again. Two great men died because of me. Too bad I didn’t aim for Alexander’s head. I wouldn’t be in this mess if I did. I breathed in the air once more, smelling it. I sort of missed Puerto Rico now. Aunt Carla and Uncle Hector, waiting for me to open the gates for them.

 At the same time, though, I’m glad to be back on my home turf. Well not entirely. I knew my way around because I’ve been up here for vacation and I knew where my people’s influence spread and didn’t. Luckily this part of Pennsylvania doesn’t like big government, as history has proven. Most importantly, I got Kenny, my best friend until we’re both dead and buried. I just want to know what’s taking him so long. I took one more step out of the cabin, to be engulfed by the autumn breeze.


    I pulled back Vincent’s head by digging my fingertips into his forehead. With one swift motion I slit his fat throat. The blood spewed out like a waterfall. My vicious eyes stalked the room and landed on the fearful Alexander, powerless when all his security was killed.
 I threw the bloody knife at him, narrowly grazing his ear. A yelp of terror escapes him his lips, as a small laugh came from mine. I strolled closer as he backed into the wall, trapped as I closed in. It was down to me and him. I pulled out my bronzed short sword and drew it to him.
 “Let the last word you say be my name!”
 He said nothing, eyes glued to my weapon. A warrior’s battle cry rang through the darkened room, though my own head, as I plunged the sharpened blade through his heart. All he did was draw in a breathe as I pulled out, twisted the blade and reinsert it. I smiled a blood-driven crazed smile, “Death to the unworthy!”
 Sadly, my smile faded when his body faded and a yell of pain flooded the room. My eyes widen as the body that my sword stroked into, the blood that stained my face and floor, the voice of the pain was Catherine! I have slain my love. I tried to pull the blade out, but my monstrous intentions of killing drove me to drive the blade deeper. I could now see myself digging the blade deeper into Catherine, screaming at her “Death to the unworthy! Death to the unworthy!”

  I shot up, beads of sweat eclipsing my entire body; my breathing was heavy. I looked to my side, I was alone. My eyes widen and my heart raced, as I feared for the worst. I grabbed my hunting knife on the nightstand as I rushed out of the one bedroom, and stopped at the last step before the threshold, my mind was eased.
  Catherine and Maria sat on the small scratchy couch that was in this cabin before we were. I could see Catherine feeding her some bits of turkey. I walked to them, still sweaty and sat on the armrest. Catherine looked back at me and tilted her head, confused.
 “What happened to your hair?”
I touched my now drastically short hair and remembered. I even shaved my face, “Oh yeah, I cut it last night. It’s so I can lure the animals better.” Her confusion left her face, “And the fact that Alexander is thinking you still have long hair?”
 “You know me too well,” I gave her a small kiss.
 “I better know you well, you are my husband.”
 “Not by choice,” I teased.
 She smacked my arm, “Have you heard from Kenny?”
 “Yes, he called my cell phone,”
 She rolled her eyes, “Always with the sarcasm. You’re lucky I love you.”
 “Else you’ll hate me. I know, I’m the one that made that up.”
 “Da-da!” chimed Maria. Catherine smiled and hugged her.
 “Good girl, Maria. Now say mama,”
 “Da-da!” she chimed happily again.
 “So what, are you going to raise her bilingual?” I asked. I still haven’t learned to be fluent in Spanish!
 “I might, just so she can confuse you to let her stay out with her friends longer.”
 “Oh, so we’re raising her like you?”
 “Like mother, like daughter.”
 “Great, she’s going to be loco.”
 “I’m the crazy one? You’re the murderer here,” she teased.
 “At least I didn’t scream like a girl.”
 “I am a girl. What’s your excuse?”
 “I don’t have one.”
 I just shook my head; I walked outside and breathed in the fresh morning air. It’s time. I could feel it in my blood; the urge was coming on strong. Maybe just too strong. When the angels aren’t looking, all sins go forgiven, and I just knew that the angels were not looking.
 I turned my head and a man was standing there, his back turned to me. I quickly withdrew my knife and crept. A twig snapped under me, so I dashed at him. The man was quick as well and drew out his knife and turned to me, our knives clashing in a metallic symphony.

  I drew back, it was Kenny! He had a cigarette in his mouth. He took a long drag before taking it out.
 “Kenny! It’s about damn time.”
 “I got good news, and I got bad news.”
 “Don’t you always?”
 “Bad news is they found you and have sent someone to kill you.”
 “What the hell is the good news?”
 “I killed him,” he laughed. He breathed in the cigarette and flung it. “Now let’s go. Bring your family, we’ll make one trip.”
  “Where we hiding now?” asked Catherine when she emerged with Maria. She must have heard the commotion.
 Kenny shook his head, “Forget hidin’. It’s time to kill Alexander.”