NOTE: This was written for my Greek Mythology class. We were to write which two Ancient Greek myths that represented us. This is my paper…


The Thinking Narcissist

   Greek mythology is well known for its rich stories and colorful meanings. The heroes, and even villains, can be seen in modern art and science. One must remember that it was ancient Greece that formed Western thought and civilization. But this paper is not on art, movies or even philopshy. It’s on ME! The wonderful, ever-so-talented, one and only W.G.Cambron.

   So what Greek figures could possibly reflect me? Well one, right out of the gate, is Narcissus. He was not a god, but rather a mere mortal and a skilled hunter. His fatal flaw? He was devilishly handsome. In fact he was the most handsome man in all of the land. After offending the demi-goddess Nemesis, she showed him his reflection. He died, unable to leave his beauty. So, what does that have to do with me? Easy, I have never met a mirror I didn’t like. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing if I see a mirror, or even my own reflection I have to look at it. My mother says its where my youngest nephew gets it from. My ex-girlfriend was baffled that I can be deep into a metaphysical conversation and stop as I notice my reflection. It’s the only reason I haven’t seen the movie Mirrors!

   Yet my other counterpart is more humble: The wily Odysseus. I’ve been on my own odyssey more times than once and it required far more than brawn. From a high school I didn’t want to be in to my days without a home, I had to think out of it all. I was always the thinker of the group too. If my friends needed a Trojan horse, I was on their speed dial. Humbled, brilliant and self-absorbed.

  Am I a modern Greek story? I would love to think so. But I’m rather just another young American than a Greek story character. Odysseus and Narcissus, they were never in the same myths; yet they are in the same body.