WARNING: The following has graphic violence and language. It is a work of fiction. Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter Thirteen
Us VS Them


Kenny led the way as I put my hunting knife back in its handle at my side. Catherine didn’t bring any luggage, just Maria. We were going to drive straight to the New Capital to do a surprise attack. Oh how I couldn’t wait.
 Emerging from the thick woods for the first time in what seemed like forever, we piled into Kenny’s’ light silver Ford F-250. Catherine held Maria close in the backseat as I slammed the passenger door.

 “Watch the door, boy!” Kenny hissed.
 He revved the engine once and then sped away, moving with the served roads and over bumpy hills nearly effortlessly. “Ya been practicin’?”
 “Practicing what?”
 He rolled his eyes, knowing when the swerves would end. “Open the glove box.”
 I obeyed and three sharpened switchblades glistened. I took two out and hand one to Kenny. I closed one up and put it in my pocket.
 “I’ve been training myself in Kendo and a few other sword and knife fighting. And of course I’ve been hunting wild game.”
 “Riight. Whatever ya did, hope it’s good.”
 “Where’s Elizabeth?” asked Catherine.
 “Honestly, I really don’t know. She might either be out with her girlfriends, waitin’ for us at the Capitol, resistin’ to strangle Faith-Rose or dancin’ on her mother’s grave. My hopes is the last one.”
 “You really loved your mother-in-law.”
  “With all my heart,”
 “Do we really have to go this fast?” asked Catherine’s scared voice.
 “Yeah. It’s more fun to go fast.”
 “Not really!”
 “Raise your hand in ya wanna go fast!” he urged.
  “I wanna go fast! I wanna go fast!” I waved my hands.
 I could see Maria waving her hands in the mirror, mimicking me.
 “Remind me to yell at you, Shane!” snapped Catherine as she held Maria close.
 “I’m such a good influence on her,” 
  “Ya know what I don’t understand? Why do people drive so slow in the fast lane?”
 “Because the speed limit is only 70 and not 90!” Catherined yelled.
 “Who’s going 90? I’m up to 97,” laughed Kenny.
  “Be lucky we’re not on a motorcycle with him,” I grinned.
  “No, be lucky you’re not on a jet ski with my uncle.”
  “That water hurt,” I remembered.
 “You got hurt? I face planted!”
 “Do we have to go visit memory lane right now?” asked Catherine.
  “Yes,” Kenny and I said in unison.
 “We there yet?”
 I looked back at her, “Baby don’t be scared. He is a great driver.”
 “We’re here!” He yelled and slammed on the brakes, as I flew right into the windshield. That really, really hurt. “Watch it dude, I just got the windshield warshed.”
 I shook my head and jumped out, right in front of Elizabeth, “Oh hello Elizabeth.”
  “Did you smudge my new windshield?” was her only greeting before she kicked me in my shin! I doubled over and fell to a knee as she ran over to Kenny. I overheard her whisper, “Did you tell him yet?”
 He shook his head. What the hell did he possibly forget now?
 “Come on Shane, we got a president to assassinate.”
 “You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.”

   Kenny, Catherine and I went straight into the belly of the beast. He was shoving some of the Congressional lackeys out of our way. We stopped at the stairway. A smile formed on my lips, it was Vincent and his small group of high school dropout bodyguards in front of us. It took a moment for Vincent to figure out it was me. He jumped at me and wrapped his arms around me in a hug.
“Boss! You’re alive! You’re alive!”
 This I didn’t expect, “You can let go Vincent at any time.”
 He let go, “Oh sorry boss. Guess I don’t know my own strength.”
 I shook my head. Thankfully Kenny didn’t say anything to confuse him either.
 “Hold it right there,” ordered a squeaky voice.
 One of his partners stepped out. This one was milky pale, bucktooth, frizzy red hair, shorter than Catherine yet he was stocky. When he spoke it took all I had to not to laugh at his squeaky voice.
“Shane Magnar, the ultimate traitor! You came back to your death!”
 “Try the ultimate rebel,” I said and threw a throwing star at the man, landed right into his chest. As he flopped to the floor, blood spewed out with each spasm he made. “Anyone else?”
 Vincent jumped and clapped with glee, “Boss killed annoyin’ New York policeman!”
I looked at Catherine and Kenny, both were confused. “I take it you’re on our side?”
 “Of course boss! You’re my friends, not the Bastard. He’s an asshole.”
 “So I heard.”
 “Now how are we gonna get in?” asked Kenny.
 “We help you other boss man! Company go and tell everyone boss and other boss is back!” Vincent ordered with a fearsome tone.
 “You would have made a great Drill Sergeant, Vincent.”

 We followed the small group of behemoth men to a pair of double doors. Vincent was the first to go in. A few seconds later, a loud mix of gasps and gravels being slammed were all I heard. That was our cue. Kenny, Catherine and I stormed into the large room.
 My eyes landed on Alexander. His eyes, like in my dream, read fear and terror. The three of us marched front and center, letting everyone know we truly have arrived. I was in the middle, as was The Bastard up high on the platform. The years have went by, and now it is down to him and me. Alexander quickly regained his composure. “Shane Magnar, you have returned. So the rumors are true.”
 “As true as you’re a bastard,” I spat.
  “Silence!” ordered the Speaker of The House, banging his gravel.
  Kenny growled, “Either you quit banging that fucking thing or I’ll climb up there and beat your teeth out with it!”
 Alexander looked down with surprise, “Kenny Pillman, is that you? I thought we killed you.”
 “You also thought you killed me,” I snapped.
 “You know, I could grant you amnesty for your services, Shane. Seeing as how you’re so handy with a gun, if you would be able to eliminate the damned gang problem here; you could live. You were in line to be the second in command of The Aryan-Viking Alliance, seeing as how your father helped the late Tom Williams found it.”
 “I don’t need a history lesson, Alex! And I don’t need a pardon from a dead man,” I barked.
 “Very well. However, seeing as how you broken nearly all of the 88 Precepts, I simply cannot allow you to live. You are too great of a threat to our race.”
 “I can say the same thing about you,” I challenged. “But I’d like to invoke my birth rights. If I must die, I wish to die in battle, with honor.”
 Alexander started to laugh, “I’m sorry, Shane. We simply cannot allow you to use those rights. You’ve done too much damage to the White community.”
 “Not as much damage as I will do to you!”

 As I moved forward, a large bald man in a black suit stepped forward. Secret Service, of course. I took a swing at him and landed a very fair powered straight punch to his jaw. However, the large man just shook it off. I acted quickly, before he could take a grab at me I just punt up into his groin. The man fell to his knees and took out my KA-BAR trench knife and with a swift motion slit his throat.
  I looked up at Alexander who still remained calm. His advisor and the loud mouth Speaker of The House were nearly white as sheets. Another Secret Service agent, this time a long haired short guy, just flew out of nowhere and knocked me back with a flying punch. I dropped the knife and was met by a spinning round house kick, knocking me over the bench.

 When I got back up, the long hair agent was charging at me with my own knife! I lift my arms and he sliced my arms. I yelled but kept my arms up to protect myself. He went to slice me again but I backed up and front kicked his chest, sending him down. He let go of the knife and it went scurrying under the pews. I was able to pull out my shiv, made from deer bone, unnoticed. The agent charge back at me but I caught him in the jugular. My eyes went back to Alexander who was pointing right behind me.

 I turned around, expecting another, not so skilled, Secret Service agent. I was wrong. I was nose to nose with a gun barrel. I lifted my arms slowly and take a step back to see Vincent holding the gun! I looked around and saw a whole SWAT Team aiming their high powered rifles at me. Vincent wasn’t on my side, it was a trap!
  “As I said Shane. I simply cannot allow you to live. Vincent you may commence the extermination of the traitor.”
 Vincent lowered his gun with a confused look. “Do what now, big boss?”
  Alexander sighs, “Just kill him you big ape.”
  I turned back to see Vincent nodding with a sly grin now. The big ox was going to enjoy killing me. I stood my ground, all those barrels pointing at me I dared not to blink. I was anxious to see which bullet would hit me first.
 A loud bang was heard but as I flinched I felt no wound. The ground shook with another bang and I looked up to see a brick falling from the ceiling. It was the last thing I remember seeing.
   When I came to, it was a massacre. Bodies were laying on the ground, dust, blood, gun shells and even eating utensils were scattered everywhere. I got to my feet slowly, holding my head where the brick hit. I looked around at all the bodies. Someone tore a page from the IRA and attacked the New Capitol with a homemade fork bomb!
  The doors swung open and instead of security, gang bangers ran in. Black, White, Asian, all dressed in some sort of blue. It was a strange sight to see. They pretty much ignored me and found Kenny and picked him up. When I could see his face I saw his smile.
   I didn’t move. I was too confused, but I knew I was going to be angry. My eyes did scan lower and my heart skipped a beat. Catherine laid motionless. I tried to tell my legs to run but I couldn’t move. Fear had an iron grip on me. My eyes bulged out but I still couldn’t move. I was only able to let out a scream. The loudest primal scream I ever let out in my life. Kenny looked back, his eyes shown he was shocked I survived too.
   I finally was able to speak. “What the hell, Kenny?”
  “Look around you. Things have change,” His words were spaced. I guess getting hurt must not have been part of the plan.
  “What has changed?” I was able to move again and began to limp to Kenny.
  “It’s not a race thing anymore, it’s about a way of ideas.”
  “What the fuck are all these niggers doing here?” I pointed around, angerf was filling my words and body.
   “It’s simple, Shane. I’m a Crip now.”

  The words struck like a Blitzkrieg. I couldn’t believe it. He then pulled out the blue bandanna from before and put it over his head. He was one of them! I shook my head in disbelief, “H-How?”
  “A lot has changed my friend. Like the fact that Aryans died out with Hitler’s dream and Vikings died out a long time before that. Your people tried and failed; now it’s time for my people. I’m the Virgil of the streets, Shane. But don’t worry; I’ll take care of Maria like she’s one of my own.”
  He nods to his new gang and they helped him walk out of the room. When they were gone, I ran to Catherine; crying uncontrollably.
  She didn’t move, she had no emotion, her chest didn’t move. She was dead. I clenched her close. I was left alone in this world now. I felt her back, something wasn’t right. I lifted her, rubbing my eyes to see clearly. They were bullet wounds. Catherine didn’t die in the explosion.
  Someone shot her!