Hello everybody! Welcome to the second installment of my weekly shoot posts From The Mind of W.G. Cambron. In case you missed the first one, basically this is where you get to know the real me. I shoot from the hip and talk about what’s on my mind this week. Honestly, I think this is a cooler idea than the whole ‘About Me’ page that is supposed to sound professional and proper. I don’t know about you but I’d love to sit down and talk with the real Mark Twain. Though wouldn’t that mean I would be talking to Samuel Clemens? Don’t think about it let’s get it on!

Two and A Half Men

Okay I was a tad bit late to jump on the bandwagon. I basically never paid attention to the show till F/X picked it up for syndication and it got me to laugh like Married With Children used to. Same thing happened to me with How I Met Your Mother. Anyways, I’m sure most of you saw the premiere WITHOUT Charlie Sheen. I wanted to see how the whole angle would play out and I thought they played it well. I’ve always been a fan of Ashton Kutcher (when he is doing comedy, I refuse to see Butterfly Effect). I couldn’t separate his new character with his previous, Michael Kelso. All I could think is Kelso all grown up. Either way to slice it the show is going for a more risqué and edgier angle and I like it. I grew up on the Attitude Era of the WWF so I like risqué and edgy! Don’t go saying Sheen is better or Kutcher is better. The season just started; let’s see how the new season is. So I will not be joining in on the flame wars of Sheen/Kutcher until after the new season ends.

Eddie Rex

Well on Friday I had one of the greatest days in a long time. A few months back I rewrote the Greek classic Oedipus Rex. I renamed it Eddie Rex and it has a modern biker spin to it, similar to how Sons of Anarchy did to Hamlet. Well I got to sit down with the theatre director at my college and we discussed the script and what I want to do. We were on the same page; I want to get it played, he wants to play it. So next month after the first play is done and over (the theater department has finally returned, so the inaugural play is important) we’ll sit down with some of the core actors and do a read through. That way I can see how others perceive it and get advice on how to extend it. What I loved most is that the director is very seasoned, he’s seen and done it all, and he flat out said he never seen anything like my play. What shocked him second most was it was my first play I ever written and it took just two months to write.

Satellites falling

So apparently there is a threat that a satellite will fall from the sky on Friday! NASA is predicting one of their satellites will fall between the tip of Canada and the middle of South America. So yeah, that leaves all of the United States open! Somebody call Chicken Little, more than the sky is falling.

Well wishes

I would like to thank everyone, including the friendliest star Simone Star, for wishing me well. I’ve been sick the last few days thanks to my youngest nephew. I missed classes today because I wanted more rest. I’m getting better and hopefully will finally lick this thing by tonight. It’s the reason I haven’t written anything lately. But once when I get the energy expect some good ol’ fashioned New American Lit… yes I see the oxymoron too.

That is all for this week, folks. I will not cover the GOP debate on Thursday. I think my one review on the last debate pretty much covers any debate we’re going to see until next year. If you want me to rant of anything just let me know here. Or if you agree or disagree on anything I said, say something! This has been your weekly trip inside my mind. Please take all your belongings; I got enough shit in here.