As I walk home, my eyes begin to roam.

Right ahead, my eyes said.

Oh what a day, to watch such an ass sway.

Round, possibly soft. My lust reached a loft.

I did nothing, as I was honor bound.

Her eyes look back, her mind calling me a hound.

My eyes were right to watch her ass sway,

It was after such a long day.

The perfect formula is eighty,

Without touching I would never know.

My eyes look up, gray storm clouds gather.

A warning from a Heavenly, watchful Father.

The sounds of thunder shook,

She kept looking back, afraid of who she might look upon.

I kept my pace home, my eyes switching from lust to the raining dome,

That was the sky.

The formula to the perfect ass is eighty,

Without touching she was there plenty.

She ran across the street, she seemed sweet.

I got home with a smile today,

How I loved watching that ass sway.