Well it’s been awhile since my last Mind post. Maybe I have a lot to say, maybe I don’t. How is everyone doing? I hope you’re doing good. And no, this is not rhetorical. I want to know how my fans are doing so make a comment about it and tell me why you’re in the mood you are. Because I care.  🙂


I want to start off this post about what the hell is going on with wrestling these days. I remember growing up the older generations always bitched and moaned about how wrestling changed and it isn’t the same anymore. Guess what, it’s my turn! I miss ECW and ‘90s wrestling in general. I’ve been watching Raw because it was on the verge of being edgy and gruff. Other than a few surprise attacks every other week, it’s generally the same. R-Truth doesn’t do his Little Jimmy promos anymore, which takes the comedy out. It’s become so fake it’s boring now. I try to get into it but the willing suspension of reality never comes. And TNA/Impact Wrestling is even worse! Hulk Hogan switching sides and Eric Bischoff on TV. Why? WHY!? Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo couldn’t save WCW, they can’t help TNA. Jeff Jarrett is the founder of TNA and he’s a mid-carder now. Yet they always forget to mention that he only founded TNA because of his old man, Jerry Jarrett who works for WWE. Great, is there a connection too? Is WWE funding TNA like they did to ECW or are they toying the idea of a buyout like they done to many promotions? I guess the ‘90s had better music, better wrestling and a better president (Yes, I am a fan of Bubba Clinton).


I have been shamelessly promoting this site every chance I get on campus. It helps find you a college based off either location or major. They show the majors they specialize in, the locations of their campuses and the cost of tutition. Plus they have a few other cool statistics but I’ll let you find that out. I am on the lookout for a new college because the current college I’m in is basically the farm leagues and I’m itching to swing in the majors. Anyone else in the small league boat?


I like clowns!