Chapter One:



  “What about your father?” he asked, his word slurred from the vodka and post-sex endorphins rushing through his body.

“No, no,” the voice on the phone sounded distant to him. “The Fathers are pushing a new drug that our pushers never heard of! I sent a guy to test the shit and I haven’t heard back from him.”

“Who are The Fathers?”

“That’s also an issue. I ain’t got a fucking clue!”

Daniel takes a swig from the vodka bottle beside him. “Of course, leave it to me to find out.”

“You are the top drug dealer in Florida. Well, maybe only second if these Fathers keep at it.”

Daniel spits out his vodka, “These assholes spring up overnight and are already threatening my status? It took me months to knock off the Young Riders.”

“Get your ass out of your bed, away from whatever fat ass, disease carrying hooker you’re fucking, put on your pants and meet me at the drop house.”

“You got a lot of balls to talk to me like that, solider.”

“I ain’t just a solider, asshole. Little Ed promoted me last night.”

“Little Ed is still around?” Daniel rose up, his thin sheet of blanket covering one of his legs and most of his lower body. “I thought the 727 Boys killed him.”

“They jumped him two months ago,” the voice on the phone told him flatly, “He killed them. Seriously Daniel, have you even been out of the house lately?”

Daniel just blinked. “Uh,”

“Get to the drop house. I’ll get whatever the Fathers are pushing.”

Daniel hung up without saying goodbye. He shook his head. His shaggy bleached blond hair was wet from sweat. He turned to the side of his head, the legs were off but the pale yellow lights from the street lamps seeped in. He could see the vague formation of the fat hooker his ‘business associate’ was talking about: Full lips, double chin, cheeks blown up. He doesn’t remember her name, or even if she gave it. He looked at the cheap vodka on his bed stand and lifted up. A grin came to his lips. The grin vanished when he heard a stirring in his bed.

“Where’s my money, looker?” she asked. Her eyes now fully open, staring at the back of her latest customer.

Daniel’s grin came back to his face, his eyes on the bottle. “I have your money, right here.”

The hooker leaned up, his saggy breasts hanging over the bed sheets. Daniel quickly turned around and smashed the vodka bottle over her head. The hooker fell out of the bed as the glass shattered and the vodka sprayed. Daniel took a shard in his hand and pulled her curly black hair back. The hooker screamed as Daniel placed the shard into her mouth.

“I hope you can deepthroat this, bitch,”

Daniel then slams her face into the floor, the long shard breaking the back of her throat. The hooker laid motionless as a crimson puddle started to emerge. Daniel looked at the window, the pale yellow light washed over his body. A knock at the bedroom door came, breaking Daniel’s concentration. The door opened and entered an older, plump woman, with blond hair, came in dressed in a tank top and short shorts. Daniel smiles, “Hello Aunt Candy.”

“Danny, what was all the screaming about?” Candy asked. Before Daniel could reply Candy was already in the room and saw the hooker body. “Damn it Danny, you could of asked to barrow money.”

“I don’t like asking to barrow.”

“Quit being so damn proud.”

“If I was proud you think I’d hit the cheap, fat one?”

“There is nothing wrong with a woman with extra meat on her. Just look at your lovely aunt,” Candy twirled. “Still the highest paid stripper at Angels. And I was stripper of the year at Diamond Dolls.”

Daniel went to say which year but decided against it.

“Garbage day is Tuesday. So you will have to take her to the dump.”

“I will later. First I need to go to the drop house. Some new gang is trying to muscle their way to the top.”

“New gang? What?”

“I’ll be back later, aunt Candy,” he kisses her cheek. “Don’t stay up too late.”

“It’s already 3:30 in the morning!”