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Speaking Out

      Speaking Out:
A Call for Responsibility for the Freedom of Speech

       Founding father of the United States Thomas Jefferson wrote a document by the title of “the Declaration of Independence”, in the Declaration Jefferson states that “Humans have certain inalienable rights… Among them are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. However, those are not the only rights granted by the Creator (God, the Universe, or other forms of deity); one of the most revered right is in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution: The Freedom of Speech. A few patriots have said that the freedom of speech is the most important right for a free society. If a person is able to think for themselves, then they will be able to articulate and convey their thoughts into their speech, unfiltered. The lack of freedom of speech is an indirect way for indoctrination! However, on the other side of the coin, is there such a thing as too much freedom? Does the freedom of speech have a limit? Yes, it does. The freedom of speech was established after the American Revolution to allow citizens to speak freely against their government without fear of death or imprisonment. It was not intended for the call for race wars, hate crimes and even private harassment. The freedom of speech comes with a price: The price of responsibility.
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Well it’s been awhile since my last Mind post. Maybe I have a lot to say, maybe I don’t. How is everyone doing? I hope you’re doing good. And no, this is not rhetorical. I want to know how my fans are doing so make a comment about it and tell me why you’re in the mood you are. Because I care.  🙂

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Just Another Victim

Years spent in cognito,
walking this Earth with a lesser soul.
Wasted years in this insitution of lies,
They build a new palace of false acceptance,
Countless flock like indoctered flies.
Promises of knowledge become defiled.
Using unsolitary confinement they teach,
Hate the individual, conformity they preach!

Wil I be just another victim?
Victims they play you to be.
Hiding the truth before you even see,
Clipping your wings so you won’t fly free.
Just Another Victim.

Empty promises are made, but no attention is paid.
Knowledge is a war, a war of infinite casulties.
Most never know of these atrocities.
Keep the masses guessing,
Intellectual Vietnam is the only blessing.
Am I just another victim?

Arrogant Through Talent

With grace I breathe in the air,
As if I’m a royal heir.
I look stunning, hope you will stare.
Though I’m arrogant, I still hope you care.

I’m arrogant through talent,
No reason I should be humble and silent.
Let my voice range like a bell tower,
I’m sweet a tad sour,
God has given me gifts with each shower.

Words expel from me like beads of sweat
Confidence galore, my ship nowhere near shore.
My heads are in the clouds, it’s the only place
That it can fit in peace.
In the clouds so long I had to get a lease.
I’m arrogant through talent.

 Sorry, who are you again?


As I walk home, my eyes begin to roam.

Right ahead, my eyes said.

Oh what a day, to watch such an ass sway.

Round, possibly soft. My lust reached a loft.

I did nothing, as I was honor bound.

Her eyes look back, her mind calling me a hound.

My eyes were right to watch her ass sway,

It was after such a long day.

The perfect formula is eighty,

Without touching I would never know.

My eyes look up, gray storm clouds gather.

A warning from a Heavenly, watchful Father.

The sounds of thunder shook,

She kept looking back, afraid of who she might look upon.

I kept my pace home, my eyes switching from lust to the raining dome,

That was the sky.

The formula to the perfect ass is eighty,

Without touching she was there plenty.

She ran across the street, she seemed sweet.

I got home with a smile today,

How I loved watching that ass sway.

Wings and Pills

The bus stalked and stopped right beside me.

I subconsciously got on; my mind on academic things,

My stomach filled with buffalo wings.

My mouth still felt the heated zing.

Hers must have been filled with pills,

For fun and thrills or purpose to kill,

The effect was the same; a small panic.

Her lifeless body torqued with the movement of the bus,

A word wasn’t spoken by any of us.

Her friend quiet in concentration,

I wonder if he wished she’d hurry to her final destination.

A perfect stranger, kind and forgettable

She was the only one who would ask.

Was she okay, what was her task?

Jokes about her illness with the booze came about,

Laughter from humans who should have a snout.

Pigs, the lot of them, uncaring about a strangers fate.

In my minds eye, it was too late.

I saw her into convulsion, her lungs led to corrosion

Why did she take the pills? Were they even real?

Or just an excuse of a different drug of choice,

A needle that sings to them like angels voice.

A pulse was felt, barely there. If her eyes were open,

How those green eyes would stare.

But to where?

What drug knocked her so close to the reaper?

Death never takes a holiday.

“The paramedics are on their way,” I heard the driver say.

I walked home. Will she make it to hers?

Death missed the bus today,

But tonight where will her head lay?

Her own bed, a cell or perhaps a grave?

Will she be on her way home,

Or to the city of woe, by way of Charon?

For thrills, she could have been killed.

For trying to get killed, she merely was thrilled.

I wonder what made her ill

As I stare outside my window sill.

Death missed the bus today.

Hello everybody! Welcome to the second installment of my weekly shoot posts From The Mind of W.G. Cambron. In case you missed the first one, basically this is where you get to know the real me. I shoot from the hip and talk about what’s on my mind this week. Honestly, I think this is a cooler idea than the whole ‘About Me’ page that is supposed to sound professional and proper. I don’t know about you but I’d love to sit down and talk with the real Mark Twain. Though wouldn’t that mean I would be talking to Samuel Clemens? Don’t think about it let’s get it on!

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Simone Star interview

I have been told that writers should interview other writers. So I heeded that advice and contacted one of my favorite writers of a different type. Simone Star is the lead vocalist and co-songwriter of Florida rock band Simone (who recently won the BMA award for BEST ORIGINAL BAND). Here is what she had to say.:

1. Where does your songwriting come from?

Simone:  My writing comes from my own life experience or my perception of others’ experiences. I find that it is simple for one to write about what one knows. I have a lot of appreciation for sci-fi writers – they are a breed who basically make a ton of shit up and that’s not what I do. I must have a basic connection with whatever topic I write about – I need to be able to relate and understand or it’s not my ‘truth’.

2.  Is any of your songs based on books you’ve read?

Perhaps, there are books that I’ve read throughout the years that have had an impact on my life by opening my perception about things – but it’s hard to pin down any one book to a particular song. I know with Bryan (co-writer and partner) he is always referencing movie scripts and even Steven King during the writing process – but at the end of the day I believe everything that we expose ourselves to has an impact one way or another.

3. How long have you been performing?

Simone:  Since I was a child 🙂:) Baby, I was born this way!

4. Who is your favorite author?

Simone: Hard to say (see #5) but I do enjoy Thomas Ashley Farrand among others.
5. Who is your least favorite author?

Simone: Nominating a ‘least favorite’ isn’t my style – I really try to appreciate (at some level) all forms of art regardless of whether or not I dig their work or not. It’s all subjective and I believe that my successes are due in part to me being open-minded.

6. When and why did you come to Florida?

Simone:  I came to Florida at the end of 1999 to escape the cold Detroit weather and have never looked back!

7. Have you ever tried to write a book?

 Simone: Every time I start to write a novel it always ends up being a song!

8. Which is your favorite song that you written?

Simone: All of the songs are like children – each has it’s own unique story and ‘reason for being’. I suppose that because I’ve re-recorded/re-released ‘Serious As Saturn’ several times it could be perceived as a ‘favorite’. It could also mean that it’s the ‘confused, alienated step-child’ that needs constant attention – I don’t know – I love them all.

9. When is the next album due?

Simone: Tabitha Rides The Shark” is due out Jan 2012.

To listen to Simone click to the link:

 Hey everybody, how are you doing today? I thought I’d try something new for you, something real and from the heart (and mind). I’ve been posting my heart out the last three months with stories I have been dying to write and have gotten heartwarming feedback that I appreciated deeply. But stories are only half of what makes an author and the other half is the author themselves. So I think that once a week I would lay down the pen and open my mind in a blog post that I fondly call From The Mind of W.G. Cambron.

 In professional wrestling (which is clear that I’m a fan of) when a wrestler talks about reality or say something that isn’t scripted it’s called a shoot. Well I like to think of myself as a straight shooter so this is where you get the real W.G. Cambron talking about reality. Or just ramblings that being from Missouri I am prone to. So let’s dive into my mind!


CNN/Tea Party Debate

 Okay so on Monday there was a Tea Party debate in Tampa, Florida (my neck of the woods). I wanted to go in person because I am a fan of Ron Paul and Herman Cain, but the tickets were $60 and I could only meet Mike Gallagher. Fuck that, I’d rather meet Trace Gallagher of Fox News; he might look like a wax figure but he has some personality. Now don’t start thinking I’m a Republican because I’m not. I do not believe in the two party system. I am a Constitutionalist which means I believe in the Constitution as the rules and guidelines of politics.

 Well the debate itself was a disappointment. It was a mix of gotcha questions and a roast. Every other response had a joke to it! I know humor is fine on the campaign trail, get the crowd on your side when you have a speech to do. But when you are in a debate that is supposed to introduce you to new voters, leave the jokes at home or bring your best one or two. Herman Cain did just that when he said one joke (he didn’t have time for more seeing as how it was dominantly Perry/Romney).

 Mitt Romney showed he shouldn’t be president when he said he doesn’t want Congress to control our currency. HE NEEDS TO READ THE CONSTITUTION; ARTICLE ONE SECTION EIGHT! It is clear that Congress controls the purse and has the ability to declare war.

 Anyone else think that Rick Perry is trying to look like Ronald Reagan? I think he had some kind of work. You see in my room I have a Ronald Regan poster (Not just him, it has a quote) and every time Perry came on the TV I had to do a double take from the poster to the TV. It was uncanny.

 Sadly I know Ron Paul lost a few people. When he quoted on why 9/11 happened he got major heat. He was just saying what the guys who plotted the event were saying! Don’t shoot the messenger; the troops are still there (reference to the Egyptian origins of the phrase).

 Before I wrap this up, because we all know politics is everyone’s favorite subject, why is Bachman even in the race? In the previous debate on MSNBC I noticed she’s only been a Congresswoman since 2006. Why is she running for president? I remember the 2008 election and I certainly remember the GOP going after the fact that Obama was inexperienced. Now Bachman, who had the same experience (or inexperience), wants to be president? She’s reminding me of that puppy who tries to play with the big dogs.

 My conclusion is do what they do on Deadliest Warrior. Put all their stats into a computer simulator and run a simulator for what would happen if they were president. Whoever has the best results wins. We got the technology, I say let’s use it for more than George Washington vs. Napoléon Bonaparte simulations. Okay next topic!


Great Stoner Debate Series

Thanks for listening to my political rant. Now we can talk about something fun; the sequel to the Midnight Stoner Adventure! I am so happy I’ve gotten so much feedback from those three idiots. I actually enjoy writing them, like how Mike Judge loves writing/doing Beavis and Butt-Head (hehe, I said do). Well the sequel I have planned out is a series of debates that the stoners do. I have a few topics lined up and loads of Billy quotes (who doesn’t love Billy?). I would love to hear topic questions from you, my readers. The more out there the better. You can either leave comments with a topic or you can direct message me on Twitter @WG_Cambron. I swear I laughed at Twitter before I became a writer, now it’s the only reason people know me.

 This won’t be too in depth because I don’t want to spoil the series. All I will say is there will be new stoners (as we saw in the interlude the ostrich stealing Krystian will be the first new guy). I’m literally going to have a panel of stoners debating on issues. The reason is clear: To make you laugh at dumb stoner quotes and to make you think. I think the only reason we don’t talk about politics or metaphysical conversations in the work place because people are ignorant. No, not stupid, they just don’t know the subject and don’t want to show their ignorance. Or they try to debate what they don’t know and ends in disaster. In the founding of America, the Constitution and taxes were debated in taverns and pubs! In a bar today you can’t even talk sports without starting a fight. I say let’s bring back intelligent discussion everywhere!

Yes I am getting off my soapbox now. Give me time; I’m still a fat guy. Don’t wanna fall and hurt myself then we’ll never get a new episode out of me.


New Clothing

 Ready to get personal? I’m a sell-out, lol. That would be my teenage self speaking if he saw me now. Over the weekend I bought me new clothes, a new type of wardrobe. Dress pants, polo shirts, hell even new dress socks and shoes! I want to start dressing more conservative. When I step on campus I want my fellow students go ‘There goes the conservative undertaker’. Okay that will have to be given a quick backstory. I’m a writer, clearly, and I want to be published and be recognized with the greats. But until then I need a day job and I’m studying to be a funeral director. I will get a suit and such later on when I have a home to work in.  

 Back to the clothing, damn I look good in them. My friends have always seen me in T-shirts and jeans. There are few things in my wardrobe that isn’t even black t-shirts! So when I came home with non-black polo’s my mother was quite amazed. I love the new look, to be honest. They pretty much make me stand up straight, else you see my stomach. I just wanted to write about that. When I get money again I’ll be hitting up more stores to dress better. Thank God for materialistic friends, they helped me pick out the outfit!


That is all for this week. I’m sure I’ll have more to rant about next week. I hope you enjoyed getting to know the real me a bit more. And please, I implore you; if you want to comment about the political rant go ahead but no flame wars. We can’t have a civil debate online without getting into children. Thanks for reading; I’m going to write… something else.

Creative Nonfiction

Today in Creative Writing class we had to pick a scar on our body and write a short story about it. Then we will have to pick a paragraph and utilized Magical Realism in the new story. I don’t have any scars so I picked a tattoo, my celtic cross on my right calf. I’ll first give the original short, followed by the Magical Realism rewrite. The names have been changed to protect the guilty (and the author!). Enjoy my readers.


The summer sun was hot, as was the mobile home. The mobile home had its doors open wide in an attempt to catch a breeze. J had placed the drawing on the Celtic cross on my calf, in preparation to tattoo it in. He was in the process of firing up his homemade, which was hardly anything more than a spoon, battery and a needle. Thankfully J always used new needles. I only knew this man for a day.

 You might ask why I was willing to get a tattoo in a mobile home with a homemade gun by a man I didn’t really know. I was convinced by my sleazy redneck of a best friend that this man was the guy to do all our ink. This was also the third time S made that claim! Even more so I was convinced by my dimwitted yet busty ex-girlfriend who always seemed to creep back into my life. Ever so more dimwitted and bustier than the last time we see each other. Looking back now, I wonder if I’m the dimwitted ex!

 So the gun is fired up and J begins to do the outline. S and T sat in front of the action, waiting for me to cry out in pain (which I never did, by the way). Then, of course, J hits a tender area and I had to wince. When I opened my eyes after the outline was finished, S and T were already gone. It’s no secret that T had the hots for S (even when she met his girlfriend!). I guess this is the emotional scar of this story.

 I’m sure you think you know the reason I chose the design of a Celtic cross. You might think because I’m a Christian and you’d be wrong. J thought the same thing; S and T knew different. The Celtic cross is associated with the Aryan culture. Being just 19 I was prone to very stupid ideas (have you guessed yet?).

Why not me? I was all white and enjoyed Skrewdriver and thought governmental cradle to grave care was the cats’ meow.

Thankfully I didn’t put too much detail to the cross. So when I did convert to Christianity and shed my racist skin it became a symbol of faith and redemption. I no longer associate myself with S, T or J. Sometimes, though, I still see their faces every time I see my calf.

***Now it’s time to spin this with Magical Realism!***

 “And that is why country music is dead,” finished the ghost of Hank Williams Sr.

 An Adonis of a teenager blinked, “So Taylor Swift killed country?”

“What? Who? Ain’t you been listening boy?”

 Before the teenage Adonis known as W could respond, he was pushed to the front of the mobile home. The tattoo artist known as J held his homemade tattoo gun in hand.

 “Your ferret won’t stay out of my bra!” bellowed a busty blonde in the front. It was T, W’s ex- girlfriend whom introduced J just the other day. What impressed W and his best friend S was not just the skill of art but the fact that J can channel the ghosts of dead country stars. Which is the reason why Hank Williams Senior is ranting in the mobile home at the moment.

 “Where Waylon go?” whined Hank Sr. “He said he went on a beer run. He best not be leaving tears in my beer again! Ain’t my fault his woman had a cheating heart.”

 “Stop with the puns!” whined W.

 “Speaking of cheating hearts,” T whispered to S while J dug the needle into W’s skin. “You want to help get this ferret out of my bra?”

 W opened his eyes after the pain subsided, to see his best friend and ex-girlfriend gone from the trailer. Hank Sr. looked around. “I wanted to hold that ferret.”