I have been told that writers should interview other writers. So I heeded that advice and contacted one of my favorite writers of a different type. Simone Star is the lead vocalist and co-songwriter of Florida rock band Simone (who recently won the BMA award for BEST ORIGINAL BAND). Here is what she had to say.:

1. Where does your songwriting come from?

Simone:  My writing comes from my own life experience or my perception of others’ experiences. I find that it is simple for one to write about what one knows. I have a lot of appreciation for sci-fi writers – they are a breed who basically make a ton of shit up and that’s not what I do. I must have a basic connection with whatever topic I write about – I need to be able to relate and understand or it’s not my ‘truth’.

2.  Is any of your songs based on books you’ve read?

Perhaps, there are books that I’ve read throughout the years that have had an impact on my life by opening my perception about things – but it’s hard to pin down any one book to a particular song. I know with Bryan (co-writer and partner) he is always referencing movie scripts and even Steven King during the writing process – but at the end of the day I believe everything that we expose ourselves to has an impact one way or another.

3. How long have you been performing?

Simone:  Since I was a child 🙂:) Baby, I was born this way!

4. Who is your favorite author?

Simone: Hard to say (see #5) but I do enjoy Thomas Ashley Farrand among others.
5. Who is your least favorite author?

Simone: Nominating a ‘least favorite’ isn’t my style – I really try to appreciate (at some level) all forms of art regardless of whether or not I dig their work or not. It’s all subjective and I believe that my successes are due in part to me being open-minded.

6. When and why did you come to Florida?

Simone:  I came to Florida at the end of 1999 to escape the cold Detroit weather and have never looked back!

7. Have you ever tried to write a book?

 Simone: Every time I start to write a novel it always ends up being a song!

8. Which is your favorite song that you written?

Simone: All of the songs are like children – each has it’s own unique story and ‘reason for being’. I suppose that because I’ve re-recorded/re-released ‘Serious As Saturn’ several times it could be perceived as a ‘favorite’. It could also mean that it’s the ‘confused, alienated step-child’ that needs constant attention – I don’t know – I love them all.

9. When is the next album due?

Simone: Tabitha Rides The Shark” is due out Jan 2012.

To listen to Simone click to the link:  http://facebook.com/simonerocks